Who are we?

Who are we?



We exist to make greater the moments of delight of our clients around the world,

even more when they meet and taste natural snacks of high quality: appetizing and tasty;

more nutritious and friendly, which are enjoyed more; especially those who are interested in

a healthier and more harmonious lifestyle with the environment


We have established ourselves as an international company that achieves remarkable

successes and growths in more and more countries, offering high quality natural snacks,

which are enjoyed more; especially by consumers around the world more aware

of their health and the environment

Company Integral Policy

The employees of Alimentos Zúñiga SA (ALZU) are committed to meet the needs and expectations

of our customers and consumers around the world, developing natural products that gratify and

delight the people who consume them, through the accomplishment of our management systems

of quality, food safety, environment, safety and health in our organization.


We manage prevention with responsibility of occupational incidents and illnesses with safety

programs based on culture. The care of the environment through the responsible use of energy,

water and the correct disposal of waste and emissions to the environment; as well as compliance

with the requirements of our clients, internal standards and legal regulations that apply.


We ensure continuous improvement through measurable results and the contribution of our staff.



These are the values ​​that we live in ALZU