Corporate Social Responsibility



We work in environmental programs with the same excellence with which we work to create economic and social value. We have an Environmental Policy, which covers all our operation processes.

The main objective of the program is directed in the following areas (water resources, waste management, energy and emissions and biodiversity.


Alimentos Zúñiga is constituted as a source of work for the province of Cartago, where 77% of our employees reside in the vicinity of the organization, thus giving opportunities for personal and professional growth.

We pride ourselves in promoting gender equality policies, environments free of discrimination and based on compliance with current regulations.


Our corporate social responsibility plans seek to be support for the development of governmental, non-governmental and social assistance entities, in addition to maintaining constant communication with the members of the community to collaborate in the resolution of their needs.

The actions we have carried out include: Donation of our snacks and basic groceries, economic contributions, sports supplies, school supplies, among others.